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February 16, 2021
February 17, 2021


We know that tyres are one of the highest cost components in operating the mining business.

If it is not properly maintained and monitored, the tyre performance will not be maximized and the final result will be higher for the tyre costs.

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For data collection, we use “TMS”. TMS is the name of the tyre software that we have to help monitor and record all tyre activity, from installing tyres to scrap tyres. TMS is made based on “best practice” so that it is more user friendly and effective for data input and report output.

Our Tyre Management System performed by qualified tyreman with high working standards and still heed the safety side.

We believes that if the tyres are in the position of maximum performance, well maintained, well monitored, and recorded accurately, we will get efficiency.

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Our Tyre Management System, covers:

1. The Entire scope of tyre work
2. Tyre Selection
3. Tyre Maintenance
4. Tyre Remove-install
5. Tyre Repairing
6. Tyre Data collection
7. Providing recommendations for tyre-related divisions